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Welcome to our ''Golf Blog'' where we will be updating this page with various titbits from around the world of golf. The page will be light hearted and entertaining for the most part. We will also be adding some rules of golf every week to help improve everyones knowledge of the game!



Week 06.04.2015:

This week sees the first major of the year take place at Augusta National. Although the Masters itself is hugely important, we at Balla Golf Club tend to follow the par 3 pre-tournament tournament a little more closely than other clubs (as you would expect). The Par 3 Competition takes place on the eve of the Masters every year. Although most of the competitors take part in it, none of them want to actually win the thing as no winner of the Par 3 has ever gone on to win the Masters on the same year.

The 2015 contest saw a mere 5 hole-in-ones over the 9 holes including 2 for Camilo Villegas with the most exciting ace of the day coming from the Golden Bear himself Jack Nicklaus (see below). All thats left now is the tournament proper to get underway this evening. Enjoy the viewing!


This weeks true or false golf rule question is:


Q: True or false, A player can ask for the flagstick to be attended when he is making a stroke from anywhere on the course


A: True, although the person attending the flagstick must not let the ball hit the falgstick otherwise the player who played the shot will incur a penalty of two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play.
























Week 08.03.2015:

This week saw the first of the years World Golf Championships take place at the Blue Monster at Doral in Florida. Although the tournament came down to a nail biting finish with Dustin Johnson landing the spoils it was in fact World Number One Rory McIlroy who was making the headlines for this reaction to his approach shot to the 8th on Day 2
























Needless to say we dont condone this sort of thing but you cant help but be impressed with the distance he can throw a 3 iron. Is there anything this guy cant do!


This weeks true or false golf rule question is:


Q: True or false, In a foursomes event Player A and B are partners. Player A attempts to hit the ball but misses. Player B must now play the next stroke.


A: True, even though Player A has missed the ball, it still counts as a stroke so player B must now hit the shot








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