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Results for Weekend of 5.11.2017  Sponsored by Cox's  Castlebar.

Men    1st    Mark Killeen  39pts.

            2nd  Ronan Mahon  38pts.

            3rd  John Walsh  37pts B/9.


Ladies  1st   Helen Byrne  33pts B/9

             2nd Breege Moran  33pts.

             3rd  Pat Dillon  32pts.   

Results for Open Stableford Sponsored by Kilcoyne & Scahill 

Men   1st    Michael Clesham 38pts.

           2nd  PJ. Loftus  37pts.

           3rd  Mick Mellett  35pts B/9.


Ladies  1st   Mary B. O'Donnell  34pts.

             2nd Marie Flanagan 33pts.

             3rd  Catherine McNulty  32pts B/9  

Results for 22.10.2017  Sponsored by Lavin Foods & Corrib Oil

Ladies   1st    Marie Flanagan 35pts.

              2nd   Mary Conlon 34pts B/9.

              3rd  Patricia Conwell  34pts.


Men       1st    Derek Reilly  35pts.

               2nd  Aodan MacSuibhne  34.

               3rd   Paraic Cresham  33pts.   

Results for 15.10.2017 Scramble Sponsored by APM Securiries.

  1st   PJ. Brett, James Waldron and Michael Clesham 41.4.

  2nd  PJ. Brett, Stephen Minogue and Padraic Cresham 45.2.

  3rd  John Walsh, Mick Mellett and Darren Ghee  46 B/9.

Results for 8.10.2017 Stroke GOY sponsored by Brant Rock.

Men   1st    PJ. Brett  54 B/6.

           2nd  Mark Killeen  54

           Gross  Ronan Mahon 58.

           3rd    Matt Leonard  55.


Ladies   1st    Aine MhicSuibhne  52.

              2nd  Mary Brett  53.

              Gross  Breege Jennings  63.

              3rd   Marie Flanagan  56.             


Results for 1.10.2017 Sponsored by Super Valu Castlebar

Men   1st    Martin Moylette  38 B/9

           2nd  Michael Neary      38.

            3rd  Michael  Clesham  37.


Ladies  1st   Carmel Henry   34.

            2nd  Marie Flanagan  33.

            3rd  Aine MhicSuibhne 31. 

Results for 24.10.2017  Sponsored by Bar One .

Men    1st   Frank Larkin   38pts.

            2nd  Martin Vahey  37pts.

            3rd  Sean Canny  36pts.

Ladies  1st   Marie Flanagan   35pts.

             2nd  Kitty O'Connor   34pts  B/9.

             3rd   Mary Conlon  34pts. 

Results for 17.10.2017 Stroke  GOY  Sponsored by Cashin Printing.

Men    1st   Martin Moylette  52  B/9

            2nd  PJ. Brett   52.

           Gross  Ronan Mahon  56.

            3rd     Derek Reilly   53.

Ladies   1st Julie Loftus  53.

              2nd   Geraldine O'Malley  55.

              Gross  Breege Jennings  65.

              Breege Walsh  60. 

Results for 10.09.2017 Scramble Sponsored by Traecy's Pharmacy , Castlebar and Ballinrobe.

1st  Martin Vahey, Lorcan Cribben and Danny Lyons  43.6

2nd  John Nally, Paul Cuffe and John Tuohy 45.

3rd   Martin Vahey, Richie Murphy and Mark Killeen  46.6

Results for 3.09.2017 Sponsored by Gerry Tolster's Bar.

Men   1st   Bert Eagleton  37pts.

           2nd Michael Neary  35pts.

           3rd  Pat Mohan  34pts.


Ladies  1st  Breege Jennings  37pts.

             2nd Mary B. Prendergast  35pts.

             3rd  Geraldine O'Malley  34pts.

Results for 27.08.2017 Sponsored by Fragile.

Men   1st    Bert Eagleton 40.

           2nd  Dermot McMahon 37 back 9.

           3rd   Pat Kilgallon 37.

Ladies  1st Breege Jennings 35.

             2nd Geraldine Evans  34.

             3rd  Catherine McNulty  33 back 9. 

Results for 20.08.17 Sean Canny's Captains Day Sponsored by  The Canny Family, Elvery's Sports, The Sheebeen and Pat Nestor.

Mens    1st   Michael Clesham  107.

             2nd  Michael Neary  115.

             Gross    Jnr. Prendergast  126

             3rd    John Parsons  115.

             4th    P.J. Brett  116.

             5th    Paul Murtagh 116.

             6th    Lorcan Cribben  116

             7th    Martin Vahey      117.

             8th    Chris Jennings     117.

             Past Captain   Dermot McMahon

             1st 18   John Tuohy

             2nd  18  Aodan MascSuibhne

             Nearest the Pin   Jim Rodgers.

             Visitors  1st    Thomas Walsh

                            2nd  Alan Jennings  

Ladies  1st Geraldine Kilgallon   53 B/9.

             2nd   Imelda Flatley    53.

             Gross  Geraldine O'Malley  65.

             3rd      Mary B. Prendergast  54.

             4th      Phyllis  Loftus  55.

             5th Aine MhicSuibhne  57 B/9.

             Nearest the Pin   Mary Conlon.

Results for 13.08.2017 Sponsored by Sean & Maureen McDonnell 

Men    1st Mick Mellett  41pts.

            2nd  Dermot McMahon 39pts.

            3rd  Don Dillon  37pts.

Ladies   1st   Patricia Conwell  41pts

              2nd Helen Byrne  38pts.

              3rd  Carmel Costello  36pts.  

Results for OPEN Three Ball Classic week 27th July - 7th Augast  Sponsored by Sheebeen Golf Society, The Helm, Stauntons Pharmacy, Dalton Hotel, Al Muretto, Lydia Nails, Eddie Egan Jewellers and Gift Supreme.

1st   Aine MhicSuibhne, Marian Gormley and Aodan MacSuibhne 88.

2nd  Chris Mannion, Bob Leggett and Aodan MacSuibhne 87.

3rd   Aine MhicSuibhne, Jim Rogers and Aodan MacSuibhne 86.

4rd   Aine MhicSuibhne, Bob Leggett and Aodan MacSuibhne 86.

5th   Mark Killeen, Richard Murphy and Ann Marie Doherty 85.

6th   Breege Walsh, John Walsh and Mary B. O'Donnell 84.

7th   Aodan MacSuibhne, Aine MhicSuibhne and Mary B. O'Donnell 84.

8th   Richard Murphy, Paul Murtagh and Aisling Prendergast 83.

All Ladies Team: Marie Flanagan, Geraldine Kilgallon and Margaret Walsh 84.

All Men's Team:  Conor McGuinness, Brian McGuinness and Sean McGuinness 83.


Results 23.07.2017 Mary B. Prendergast Lady Captain's Day Sponsored by Pel Balla

Ladies      1st    Julie Loftus  107.

                 2nd   Pat Dillon    113.

                 Gross  Breege Jennings  133.

                 3rd    Marie Flanagan   117

                 4th   Gabrielle Clesham  119.

                 5th   Imelda Flatley   120.

                 6th  Carmel Henry   121 B/9.

                 Past Captain Patricia Larkin 121.

                 Nearest The Pin  Aine MhicSuibhne.

                 Visitor  Ann McGovern.


Men         1st  P.J. Brett    53.

                 2nd  Adrian O'Connell  54.

                Gross   Ronan Mahon   59.

                3rd   Jnr. Prendergast  57 B/9.

                4th Bernie O'Connor  57.

                5th  John Tuohy  58 B/9 

Results for 16.07.2017 Stableford Sponsored by Sheridan Electric.

Ladies    1st   Mary B. Prendergast 38pts B/9.

               2nd Pauline O'Connor  38pts.

Louise McMahon  37pts.

Grnts      1st   P.J. Brett  38pts.

               2nd  Michael Clesham  37pts.

               3rd   Padraic Cresham   35pts B/9 

Results for 9.07.2017 Stroke Play GOY Sponsored by Lawnmower & Tool Hire

Ladies   1st      Mary Brett 51.

              2nd    Julie Loftus 52

              Gross Aine MacSuibhne 62

               3rd   Catherine McNulty  54.


Men      1st    Billy Gallagher 54 B/9.

             2nd   Dermot McMahon 54.

             Gross P.J. Brett  61.

             3rd    Pat Mohan 55.   


Results for 2.07.2017 Stableford & Joe Leavy Memorial  Sponsored by Lawnmower & Tool                                                                                                                                        Hire

Ladies    1st    Julie Loftus   37pts.

              2nd Margaret Walsh  36pts.

              3rd   Marie Cresham  35pts B/9

Men        1st  Pat Mohan   37pts         

               2nd Billy Gallagher 35pts.

               3rd Mick Mellett 34pts.

The overall winner of the Joe Leavy Memorial Trophy was Julie Loftus on the back 9 from Pat Mohan Julie 19 pts Pat 18pts. 

Results  for  26.06.2017  Scramble  Sponsored by Hurst Heating & Plumbing.

1st      Mick Mellett, James Waldron and Derek Reilly  44.4 B/9

2nd     James Waldron, Micheal Clesham and Mick Mellett  44.4

3rd      Matt Leonard, Kitty O'Connor and Nora Heraty 44.6


Results 18.06.2017     NANCY GOLDING'S  President's Day Stroke Play G.O.Y.

                                   Sponsored by Clew Bay Bar & Restaurant , The Rendezvous.

Ladies    1st   Breege Jennings 57.

               2nd  Mary Brett 58 B/9.

               Gross  Carmel Costello 68.

               3rd    Geraldine Evans  58.

               4th   Mary B. O'Donnell 59.

               5th Marie Flanagan 60.

Nearest the Pin  Patricia Larkin.

Men        1st     Bob Leggett 52 B/9

                2nd  John Tuohy   52

                Gross  Ronan Mahon 57.

               3rd    T.P. Loftus 54 B/9

               4th    Pat Kilgallon54 B/9.

               5th    Martin Vahey 54 B/9

Nearest the Pin    Adrian O'Connell.

Past President Eamon Keane,

Visitors Malachy Monohan and Marie Vahey.   

Results for 11.06.2017 Sponsored by Mulroy's Restaurant.

Men's  1st Michael O'Connor 36pts.

           2nd Adrian O'Connell  35pts B/9

           3rd  Padraic Cresham  35pts  

Ladies  1st  Aine MhicSuibhne 34pts

            2nd Geraldine Kilgallon 31pts B/9

            3rd  Helen Byrne 31pts.

Congratulations to Michael O'Connor who had a Hole in One on the 16th.

Results for Weekend 5.06.2017 Open Stableford Sponsored by Albany Castlebar &                                                                                                         Balla Cup

Ladies 1st    Kitty O'Connor  36pts B/9

           2nd  Margaret Walsh 36pts

           3rd   Geraldine Kilgallon 35pts

Men    1st Martin Vahey    36pts B/9

           2nd Richie Murphy 36pts B/6

           3rd Martin Moylette 36pts B/9

The winner of the Balla Cup was Kitty O'Connor who beat Martin Vahey on the B/9

Aisling Prendergast who had a Hole In One on the 15th hole, well done Aisling.

Results for Weekend 28.05.2017 Scramble Sponsored by Unit 7 Castlebar

1st   Dermott McMahon, Pat Mohan and Martin Moylette 43.2.

2nd  Mary B. O'Donnell, Aine McSuibhne and Aodon MacSuibhne 44.8

3rd  Lorcan Cribben, Eamon Donnelan and T.P. Loftus 45.

Results for Weekend 21.05.2017 Stableford Sponsored by Vaughan Shoes & TSB

Men     1st   John Walsh 37pt

            2nd  Bernie O'Connor  36pts B/3

            3rd   Drek Reilly 36pts B/9

Ladies 1st  Julie Loftus 35pts B/6

            2nd  Marie Cresham 35pts B/6

            3rd  Geraldine O'Malley 35pts B/3

Results for Weekend 14.05.2017 Stableford Sponsored by Rings & Things

Ladies  1st  Louise McMahon 41pts

             2nd  Margaret Forkan  40pts

              3rd  Mary Gillard  36pts


Men      1st  Billy Gallagher  35pts

              2nd  Mick Mellet 34pts

              3rd  Aodan Mac Suibhne  33pts B/9

Results for Weekend 7.05.2017 Stroke Play GOY Sponsored by Abbey Breaffy Nursing                                                                                                                                    Home

Mens   1st   Mark Killeen 52

            2nd Pat Kilgallon 57

            Gross  Ronan Mahon 60

            3rd  Richard Murphy 58 B/9 

Ladies  1st  Patricia Conwell   54

             2nd  Mary Gillard  55

             Gross Geraldine O'Malley 67

              3rd  Mary B. O'Donnell 56 

Results for Weekend 30.04.2017 Stableford Open Sponsored by Parson's Shoes

Ladies  1st   Helen Byrne 36pts

             2nd  Geraldine Kilgallon 34pts B/9

             3rd   Carmel Henry 34pts B/9 

Mens    1st   Pat Mohan  39pts B/9

             2nd  John Walsh 39pts

             3rd   Paul Murtagh 36pts 

Results for Weekend 23.04.2017 Dcramble Sponsored by Castle Davitt Funiture


           1st    Martin Vahey, Mary B. O'Donnell and Julie Loftus  42.8

           2nd  Mark Killeen, Paul Murtagh and Donagh  Gilmartin 43.6

           3rd   Padraic Cuffe, Mary B. Prendergast and Jnr. Prendergast  44.8

Results for Weekend 16.04.2017 Open Stableford

Mens   1st P.J. Brett 39pts

            2nd Adrian O'Connoll 38pts

            3rd Martin Vahey 35 B/9

Ladies  1st Pat Dillon 39pts

             2nd Geraldine O'Malley 34 B/9

             3rd Geraldine Kilgallon 34pts

Results for Weekend 9.04.2017 Stroke Play

Ladies  1st Pat Dillon  54

             2nd Breege Jennings 56

             Gross Carmel Castello 66

             3rd Helen Byrne 57

Men     1St Adrian O'Connoll 55 B/9

             2nd Michael Neary 55

             Gross Martin Moylette 62

             3rd Michael Clesham 56 B/9

Results of Weekend  2.04.2017 Stableford

Ladies  1st  Julie Loftus 33pts

             2nd Mary B. Prendergast 32pts

             3rd Breege Walsh 31pts

Mens    1st T.P.Loftus

             2nd  Bernie O'Connor

             3rd  John Nally

Results of Weekend 26.03.2017

President and Captains  Drive-In Scramble

1st          Jim Rodgers, P.J. Brett and James Waldron

2nd         Bridget McNamee, Aodan Mac Suibhne Willie McNamee

3rd          John Nally, Bert Eagleton and Paul Cuffe



Results of Weekend 19.03.2017


Mens 1st      Pat Kilgallon 36pts

Mens 2nd    Michael Clesham 35pts

Mens 3rd     Paul Cuffe 34pts

Ladies 1st    Breege Jennings 31pts

Ladies 2nd   Geraldine Evans 29pts

Ladies 3rd    Catherine McNulty 28pts B/9

Competion Results 2017

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